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What's Inside?

With this book, you will learn exactly how you can make progress in all aspect of your life. 

We will explore the different categories of life, your satisfaction, how to determine your goals

  • Explore and assess the different categories of your life

  • How to determine your goals in life

  • Understanding how we operate as humans

  • Real life suggestions on starting the change that you want in your life

“Excellent resource. After implementing all the tips and tricks our conversions grew by 60%. Must read for everyone!”

Diana Smith

Who is this for?

✔️ Are you living with anxiety or high levels of stress that are impacting more than one are of your life?

✔️Are you feeling depressed, hopeless, or sad frequently? Or find it hard to bounce back from negative events in your life?

✔️Are you unsatisfied in any area of your life, whether physically, personally, spiritually, in your career, financially, in your relationships with friends and family or in you emotional life?

✔️Are you feeling stuck and simply need to reorganize and reset you priorities?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, I can help you find the key to unlocking your best life!

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Who am I?

Fernanda Torres Castañeda, MS, APRN, FNP-C

My name is Fernanda Torres Castañeda and I am an advanced Practice Nurse, co-creator and host of Wellness Wednesday Inspiration live on Facebook, founder and host of Positive Blueprints Podcast and my mission is to create a positive health impact worldwide.

I have a passion for educating and inspiring other to transform their health with a mind, body, and soul approach and find the key to unlocking a better life physically, emotionally, and mentally

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